Year 3 – August 6, 2014 Protrusion

I really don’t know what this was and I wasn’t trying to find out – what I know is that as I was hunting for photos in the neighborhood – this small protrusion that looks like part of flower just, well, protrude out for almost no reason at all – so I snapped the photo and call it a day.


Year 2 – August 6, 2013 Seattle

Day two of our Seattle trip, had an opportunity to check out the neighborhood around Factoria and Bellevue.  We also took a trip to the city of Seattle.  Normally when people go to Seattle the first time, they usually take a picture of the Space Needle, well, no Space Needle picture here.  There were a couple but from a distance and I was frankly more fascinated with the Alaskan Way.  We stopped by a try Crab Pot for the first time.  It was busy and it was delicious.  On the way back from the little R&R and dinner, I found a ticket on my windshield.  When I parked earlier in a nice parking area, I was informed by someone (whom I thought at that time was the parking attendant) that around 6 pm they started the one rate (evening rate) – that didn’t exist.  My second day and was already scammed. Not a good feeling.  I saw a policeman not too far away and I asked him if this was a common occurrence.  He said no (later I checked with Google and it turned out that it is a common occurrence) – not a good feeling.  I was furious more at myself for being so stupid.





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