Year 3 – August 16, 2014 A Study in Black and White

I am not good in editing Black and White photo, I have only recently learned the basic rule of the shades of grey needed to make decent black and white.  I generally only use built in B&W converter to generate B&W photo.  These ones, at least I was consciously adjusting the color and the conversion, so please tell me what you think and what can I improve on.

Day two camping – we had to move tent because we only use the Walk In (No Reservation site) – the site last night was very small barely enough for our tent – this morning we moved to a much better location and access to the beach is less than 50 steps aways.

We had breakfast at the Kalaloch Lodge and then walk around the beach all morning.  Later in the day, we went exploring and stumbled onto a place call Ruby Beach – it was a very nice place to be and we had fun putting Kiki on a drift log.





Year 2 – August 16, 2013 Next Generation

Summer has been good to the Canna Lily and the flowers are turning into seeds that will be ready for the next generation.



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