Year 3 – August 17, 2014 Tide Pool

I didn’t know anything about tide pool until I talked to some campers on the beach yesterday and they were telling me that I must go to Beach 4.  We skipped Beach 4 yesterday because it was so nondescript and it was too close to our camp (only about a couple miles, so we thought everything is the same) and to our absolute delight it was vastly different in a very good way. 

I have never seen live and big starfish before – I am not sure if I have ever seen them in aquarium, if I did, they must have been small and I was really surprised at how big they are and how they cling on the side of the rocks which is covered with barnacles and the anemone – they are so exciting.  Too bad I didn’t have my Macro lens.  Maybe next trip.  I am definitely coming back here again.

Today is the last day of camping.  We took a quick detour on our way home to stop by at Le Push (definitely coming back) and due to the massive ferry delay at Bainbridge Island we decided to take to Bremerton ferry instead.  We didn’t mind waiting because even the ferry terminal is new to us.  The sunset back was awesome but it was a little too late to take decent pictures (at least not from a moving ferry anyway)





Year 2 – August 17, 2013 Twin Oaks Golf Club

We were busy enjoying the summer and played a lot of golf.  We played at the Twin Oaks Golf Club today.



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