Year 3 – August 21, 2014 Blue Sky

My friends who know that I have moved to the Pacific Northwest always tease me about the weather.  Everybody teases people in Seattle about the weather for that matter.  I remember when I was in the process of moving here, I was asked if I could handle the grey & gloomy Seattle weather and I only respond with, I came from Michigan (Michigan & Washington are neck to neck on days with the least sunshine, and Michigan definitely beat Washington on the number of frigid cold winter days).  Anyway, I have been telling my friends that I am kinda not happy with the way the weather has been shaping up – it has been too many of nice sun sunny days.  Blue sky every – very depressing – NOT!


Year 2 – August 21, 2013 Treetops Masterpiece

Earlier this year during the Michigan Golf Show, I bought a set of Callaway golf club that comes with a free stay and play package at the Treetops resort in Northern Michigan and we have the opportunity to finally stay and play.  Due to the delay of us getting there, my wife couldn’t play so I ended playing with Kelly and two other golfers.  It was a wonderful experience on a fantastic day.  On the signature hole of the entire resort – sixth hole features a 120′ vertical drop and a panoramic view of the Pigeon River Valley Kelly put her first shot in the bunker and got up and down for a par.  The only person that par that hole.  She was beaming proud with the accomplishment. 



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