Year 3 – August 23, 2014 The Pretender

There is nothing to see here – please ignore this post. This is one of the post that is very terrible because there are really no interesting pictures – the ones that for some reasons I didn’t think of photography because I was too busy doing something else.  I went through all the picture files on my computer and camera and some places where I put my pictures that I may have forgotten – two years same date and I only took one picture each – nothing to see, but since they are the only ones I have, I have to post them 😦

We went for a drive today towards Renton area and decided to stop by at a car dealer to check out some future car options for Kelly and she took the opportunity to pretend that she is driving this cool new 2015 Subaru.


Year 2 – August 23, 2013 Old Time

I was cleaning up and getting rid of some clutters preparing for my eventual move.  It is amazing how over time we start collecting and keeping stuff that we shouldn’t have kept.  Kelly told me about a method to keep keepsakes is just to take pictures of them and throw away to originals.  Here’s to Kelly’s suggestion.



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