Year 3 – August 25, 2014 Life Saver

This Stanley FatMax that I bought from Sam’s Club a few months ago is a life saver.  I drive a really old car and I know that the battery has been on it’s last leg for quite a while now but not just yet.  So as soon as I saw this portable jump starter I immediately decided that I could really use it.  I have used it multiple times to fix my (also dying at that time) tires.  The compressor works really well but I never had the chance to test the jump starter myself.  I knew that it works because last month during my trip back from Michigan, I was at a gas station and a man asked if I have a jumper cable to help him jump start his car.  I said that I didn’t have a jumper cable, but I have something better so I loaned him the portable battery and it worked.  Today my other car couldn’t start – probably some runaway lights and with some figuring out, I managed to resurrect the car.  By the way, it also makes great phone chargers.  It was super handy during camping last week,


Year 2 – August 25, 2013 Russell’s Blueberry Farm

We decide to go to Russell’s Blueberry Farm today and picked some blueberry.  We really enjoy coming here and we have been here quite often.  The blueberry farm is huge and Kelly and I are always looking for tart blueberry instead of the sweet ones.



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