Year 3 – September 1, 2014 – West Point a.k.a This is Why I am a Fauxtographer

There are many different interpretation of the meaning of “fauxtographer” and the closest I have to a definition that I like is that the word is a combination of two words  (like brunch) from French work “faux” that means “fake” and photographer which together they mean “poser, someone who has camera and will shoot anything (usually shoot gazillion of photos to get one decent one) and pretend to know something about photography.  There are worse definition of the term but I am happy with this version. I would not foray into photography if it weren’t for the digital technology and the advance of photo editing software.  Out of camera, most of the best of photos are very plain and it takes quite a lot of “editing” to make them half decent.

If you look at the pictures below, you can see the difference of the final result and the one straight out of camera. IMHO. I think there are slightly more drama in the final version and there are a lot of distraction in the original picture.  Being a fauxtographer that I am, as soon as I got the picture to my computer, I started augmenting [read: editing, cheating using Photoshop] the picture.

(I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot this picture because I saw the streak of lights from the dark cloud and I know that I want to capture that)  I have learned that to properly take sunset picture, I must use exposure compensation to reduce the exposure.  I usually use the P mode [can anyone say P as in Professional – just kidding – P is for Preferred, a fancy way to let the camera decide almost everything for you], and I snapped away.  I made sure I followed the “rule of third” so it looks like I almost I know what I am doing.  Less than five minutes later, I was done.

The magic happens when I am home and in front of my computer.







2 thoughts on “Year 3 – September 1, 2014 – West Point a.k.a This is Why I am a Fauxtographer

  1. I like the original shot, but I agree the edited one is more dramatic. Have you tried Lightroom? Having switched from Photoshop I’d never go back, it’s simpler and more practical 🙂

    • I have and I agree that Lightroom is much more versatile. I love Lightroom but so far my mindset is still using it far batch editing. I need to change my mindset to try to use to edit even a few photos. Thank you for bringing it up 🙂

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