Year 3 – September 7, 2014 – Chateau Ste. Michelle

I often hear people talk about the wineries at Woodinville so fresh from the adventure yesterday, we decided to take an easier outing and drove to Woodinville to check out the wineries.  We stumbled upon Chateau Ste. Michelle and had an opportunity to check out the place.  It looks more like a picnic place or resort than a winery.  Initially I was looking for the place where they actually grow the grapes – there are some nice grapes around the entrance but I found out later that they don’t make wine from the grape they grow by the entrance.  Actually, none of the wineries in Woodinville (other that Hollywood Hills Vineyards) grow the grapes to make their wine locally.  Quite a disappointment.  I was kind of used the huge wineries that I visited near Niagara on the Lakes.  I did, however get a decent picture of a bee in flight 🙂



Year 2 – September 7, 2013 – Cloud

Another nice summer day – the cloud formation was so interesting I had to grab my camera and captured it.



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