Year 3 – September 9, 2014 – Flight

Another beautiful day and I was inspired.  After work, I ventured to Mercer Slough with my macro lens and want to see how many tiny creatures or objects that I can photograph.  I remember when I was here around spring and there were plenty of salmon berry, but they are gone now.  There weren’t too many flowers that I can photograph either.  There are however plenty of spiders.  I noticed a couple of garden snakes and a bunny but they were too fast for me.  I was spying a big dragonfly for quite a while but it wasn’t very cooperative.  And then, as I was on my way back (I got plenty of spider photos) I noticed a batch of small yellow flowers with some bees.  I was still inspired by the bee picture at Woodinville and hoping that I get a better angle this time.  Having a macro lens on hand will definitely help.



Year 2 – September 9, 2013 – An Apple a Day

Another one my neighbor property.  He bought an apple tree early spring and now this is the only surviving apple.  It looks pretty tasty though.


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