Year 3 – September 12, 2014 – Day and Night

After the walkabout yesterday, I was inspired and there is a place that I have seen and suspected that it would have a nice view of the city skyline.  I didn’t know the name of the place until today, Jose Rizal bridge.  Lo n behold it has great view of the skyline.  It was so nice that I decided to return around sunset just see how the place would look like.  The night time didn’t turn out as well – there was too much vibration on the bridge to sustain long exposure shot.



Year 2 – September 12, 2014 – Hobnobbing

Hob Nob – to spend time with someone (such as a famous or wealthy person) in a friendly way.  I was invited to hobnob with the movers and shakers of the town for charity event at the Temple Theater.  Great event.  Bountiful food – all the colorful drink you can handle.




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