January 11, 2016 –What the Dots?


Strange Dots that turned out to be not so strange after all

I did not see this coming – I thought I was photographing a nice green fern foliage against the sun but I never noticed the dots.  I only see the dots after I put the photos on my computer.  There were other pictures that I thought would make a better candidate for my photo of the day but as soon as I saw the dots, I knew I must use this photo.  I don’t know what they are, at first I thought it was some kind of parasite or other symbiotic living organism but they turn out much less sinister than I thought.  They are actually commonly called “fruit dots,” are lined up in such an orderly fashion that they appear to be there by design — which, in fact, they are. As flowerless plants, ferns use these structures as cases that hold their reproductive material.





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