January 20, 2016 – Do Try This at Home


Can You See the duct tape and Selfie?

You have probably heard that you are not supposed to open up your hard drive unless you do it in a “clean room”  (I have been told by some well meaning data recovery services that there is NO clean room in the state of Washington – which I find quite hard to believe) and that once opened – a hard drive is practically bricked.

You have probably also heard that if you are crazy enough to open it – never EVER run the hard drive while it is opened.   Always leave data recovery to professionals who charges two arms and five legs.

Guess What?

That’s what I did.  I opened the hard drive, run it while it was open.  As you can see, I was able to watch a movie – I had fun time watching the head runs back and forth while I add files to the running hard drive while watching the movie.  Granted after about 70 minutes – the movie starting to freeze a little bit but after I put the cover back together – I was able to play same movie without a single hitch.

I have not been able to recover my lost year (of photos that prompted I to restart this blog) yet but I think with my experiments with the hard drive, I am making several steps closer.  All is not lost.  One of these days I will learn enough of the working of hard drive to recover my own files and keep my arms and legs.  Go ahead try this at home.  It is not as scary as the “professionals” make it to sound like.  Just make sure you have duct tape handy just in case (can you see the duct tape?)


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