January 25, 2016 – The Landing


This was taken yesterday – today is not as pretty

I must have passed the sign that says “The Landing” hundreds of time over the last three years and although I have always wondered that “the landing” was, I never bothered to stop by until recently.  Of course once we stopped by, we found that this is a very nice place and we should have come here more often.  We came here yesterday and ended up buying a kayak but we didn’t have a way to bring it home without some serious jury-rigging so I just came back today with the Dodge.  Perfect.  The whole kayak fits inside the car 🙂

On a side note, I have always thought the proper expression is Jerry-Rig not Jury Rig and it turned out that I was wrong.  Jerry-Rig is a false etymology used by WWII British troops to refer to the German use of scavenge part.  Jerry was the slang for German soldiers.  Jury-rig was a nautical term that referred to improvised replacement mast and yards.




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