January 31, 2016 – After Rain


Carpe Diem

Wow – day 31 of the project and I am still here.  Anyway one of the first thing I do after I got my coffee in the morning is to look outside of my window – I really like the view.  Rain or shine – it always make me feels good about living in the pacific northwest.  I don’t have the view of the mountains like a lot of people with a better standard of living – but I got it alright.

This morning after an overnight rain, you can see the sun is just peeking out behind the clouds and through the wet window – promising a day to be seized.  Some people would complain about it and some would cherish it.  If you think about it, the day is quite agnostic.  It doesn’t try to be good or bad.  It doesn’t try to be anything – it just be.  It is us that decide whether today is going to be great day or a hump day.  It is all within us, our choice.  Choose wisely.




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