February 6, 2016 – Imitation



It has been a busy couple days rearranging the rooms at the condo and it is a nice day so we decided to get some R&R (namely shopping) and I saw this imitation snails, next to an imitation plants and I thought “hm, interesting – everything is fake”  (rightly so, in this case, can you imagine seeing real snails inching away inside a Marshall store? – there will be no more customers!”).

Anyway, imitation stuff is taking over our live -from imitation crab meat, steak to imitation world.  A lot of you people are spending so much time in imitation world soon no one will know how fresh air smells like.

The picture below is also an imitation of a kind.  Kiki is doing its best to to pass herself up as one of the stuffed toys.  Beware what you wish for [insert your own version of evil grin here]




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