February 8, 2016 – Time Honored Tradition (Weekly Photo Challenge)


Hong Bao

Here is my take on this week’s Photo Challenge: Time.

Today is Chinese New Year – or a more appropriate name is Lunar New Year.  It is the start of one of the most important days of celebration in “Chinese” culture.  I remember when I was young living in Borneo where the majority of the population are of Chinese descent, this time honored tradition of celebration is something that everyone looked forward to.  It was a day of family, friendship and camaraderie.  It was a day kids have a lot of cash on hand (grown ups give “red packets (hong bao)” to unmarried children), food aplenty and anyone could visit anyone they wish to in the pretext (or for real) to wish someone a happy new year and hung out all days with friends.

As years go by as as I move from cities to countries chasing dreams I find myself (on days like this) longing for the good old days when and where traditions and customs are still being observed. I know that I have been slowly straying away from the tradition of my ancestors.  I know that I really need to make an effort to reconnect and relearn these traditions because it bridge us to where we came from, but I fear that I am losing the sense of tradition because as I travel one road, it leads to another I am finding myself harder and harder to go back. (OK my rambling doesn’t make sense (even to me) anymore – so I’d better stop.


Can You See my Selfie?


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