February 12, 2016 – Againts all Odds


Against all odds this plant seems to thrive

I think I am an optimist.  Mind you, I am not really sure myself because I know that my mind has a tendency of thinking about the worst that could happen and then I adjust my expectation and actions accordingly so there are times that I have been accused of being a pessimist.  So why did I say that “I think I am an optimist?”

It is because pictures like this.  I am always drawn to pictures of plants growing in unlikeliest places (like I am always drawn to photographing candle, remember?) such as this one. It was a very nice day today – perfect weather, sunshine and no coat needed (in Winter) so I went out hunting.  I found this nice park very close to my home called Coulon Beach Park at Redmond and started snapping pictures like crazy.  As I walked along the shore (instead of the nicely paved part like most sane people do) I came upon this plants growing out of old worn down support beam and immediately I know which picture I want to post.

So I am drawn to things that are, against all odds, make it.  That, I think is optimism. right?

The photo below is a selfie fail photo.  I set up a timer and overestimated how fast I could run and pose on the bench.  Good thing I wasn’t wearing red – it would give The Flash a bad name. (Although come to think about it, as far as a selfie is concerned, it it indeed still, a selfie.)


Selfie Fail


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