February 15, 2016 – A Blast from the Past


2015 Nice Warm Day in Seattle, WA

There is nothing interesting here today – a typical grey day and I didn’t feel like taking any photos – so I decided to see if I have taken any photos on the same day just different year (as you remember, I lost my 2014 photos) so here you go.

The photo above was taken on February 15th, 2015 – it was a very nice and warm day and we went to walk the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop.  As the name suggest, this is a loop encircling the whole Lake Union and there is a 6 miles well maintained trail that takes you to many interesting places from the Wooden Boat Center to the Boat houses, Gaswork Park and Fremont area.  The lake was full of boats.

The photo below was from February 15th, 2013 – quite a cold day in Saginaw MI.  This is the view from outside of my window where I spied a couple of crows around my yard (yes, snow on the ground).  I tried to take them while on flight – it didn’t work and this is the best I can find for the day.

I think this is one of the reason why I find photography interesting.  Looking at these two pictures bring me to the days – one and three years apart and yet as soon as I see them, I feel the blast from the past and can almost feel that I have returned to those days.


2013 pretty cold day in Saginaw MI


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