February 17, 2016 – Himalayan Salt Lamp


it glows!

So we went up and bought ourselves a Himalayan salt lamp.  I must have been living a rock because I didn’t know anything about the Himalayan salt.  I have seen it peddled in the stores and on TV as serving dishes or cutting board?  This thing is magical!

Anyway, we bought it because, well, it actually looks pretty and at a steep discount – it makes a very nice mood lighting.

So the salt lamp is made of a large salt crystal rocks, mined near the Himalaya.  They carved a hole underneath it and designed a small lamp that you can stick into and it surprising make a very nice looking lamp. It emits an attractive glow and when turned on, salt crystals emit a soft glowing light. There is a belief that heated salt crystals emit negative ions or positive energy waves into the air, however there is no scientific evidence that salt lamps actually give out a measurable amount of anions, nor is there any evidence of any health benefits from the lamps. (wikipedia)

The selfie below was taken a couple days ago.  Every time I am in this elevator I take the similar picture but I was always in a hurry so they always come out blurry.  On this occasion, I was ready with my camera before I stepped into the elevator.  I could have posed better but at least I got a decent picture.


Selfie from a couple days ago


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