February 18, 2016 – National Drink Wine Day


National Drink Wine Day & Selfie

Please don’t confuse National Drink Wine Day (today) with National Wine Day (May 25).  As I was seeing posts about National Drink Wine Day and stumbled unto the National Wine Day, I asked myself (and of course, google because I don’t expect myself to know the answer)  “how many alcohol related national?”  To my absolute surprise there is supposedly 36 some kind of national alcohol related every month!  Thus on an average, 3 days per month to celebrate some kind of alcoholic beverage day!

I can’t wait for April 7 for Beer Day.  I don’t know what the heck is Mint Julep – it must be popular because it got a day on May 30th.  I know James Bond would love June 19th, Martini Day.  I for one would love a Pina Colada Day on July 10th and hey, there is another beer day called American Beer Day (no import for you!) on October 27th.  Finally someone really got it right in calling December 31 a National Champagne Day!

This is a two in one picture – a main photo and a selfie 🙂


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