February 23, 2016 – My Blue Neighbor


Blue Neighbor

I thought I would have posted a picture of the blue bird outside my window by now.  At the last count, I know that there are at least three grown blue bird living in a big tree outside my window.  They are very active recently and I usually see them on the corner of my eyes.  Of course, I being myself, my first reaction is to see if I can take some pictures of them.

They usually move around in hard to reach area but today, this one was just perching quite close to the porch and it didn’t move for a long time.  As a matter of fact, after I got some pictures of it standing around, I was hoping to catch it getting ready to fly.  I peered through the viewfinder for a long time.  I finally gave up.  It was a good thing too because at least 10 minutes after, it was still at the same spot.  Imagine peering through the viewfinder for more than 10 minutes.


I took a lot of selfie while shopping yesterday that should last me a few days


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