February 27, 2016 – Chaos State of Mind


One of my bucket list photo

I saw a picture of thousands and thousands of snow geese filling the frame in one of the Facebook photography group and the photographer was nice enough to tell me where the picture was taken yesterday.  Since today is a very nice day and I have always wanted to photograph flock of animal such as this, we went up to Skagit Valley Wildlife Refuge.

It was too bad that by the time we got there – we found that there had been no more sighting of the flock.  I did alright got some pictures of a couple harrier (that by itself would not be a wasted trip) but I bumped into a birdwatcher who t0ld me that the he saw a couple of flocks about a couple miles from the refuge.  So after a nice day of hiking we went chasing for the snow geese again.  The flocks were right where the man said they would be except that by the time I got there, the flocks have stopped flying around and the spectators are leaving.  Disappointed, we left to find what else to see in the neighborhood and found two more flocks and this time, they put on a show for me.  All’s well that ends well.

This is also part of the State Of Mind Weekly Photo Challenge.  I find the flock very interesting because on the outside, you can see all the chaos and yet when you look at them carefully, none of them fun into each other and they all fly towards the same direction.


Selfie – No I didn’t not turn into a girl!



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