March 5, 2016 – Port of Astoria a.k.a. Invasion


Beautiful Port of Astoria

Port of Astoria, Oregon is a beautiful place, if I may say so.  This is the first time we visited this place and we enjoyed it.  The primary reason to visit is because the news of the sea lion invasion that has has been in the news for quite a while now. The sea lions have practically taken over the port causing some distress to the local fishermen.

The authorities have tried everything to get rid of them from using beach balls, colorful tape, chicken wire and electrified mats to the most comical one last year where they shipped a fiber glass orca from Bellingham, WA to try to scare the sea lions away.  The attempt failed due to some mechanical issue before the orca even reached the sea lions.  I guess Sea Lions 5 – Port Authority of Oregon Zero.

Since the news, I have been wanting to stop and photograph the sea lions.  I think the most sea lions I have ever seen in one place is probably no more than 20 (I am SWAG-ing here) and the most interesting thing (that you can’t get from watching the news) is that how noisy they are.


Sea Lions Basking in the Sun on break wall


Sea Lions taking over the dock


It was for boats and not sea lions – but I don’t think they care


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