Week Five Part One – Franklin Falls


We are back to our old grind after spending a week in St Thomas.  It is amazing how quickly we have gotten used to the tropic.  The weather in Seattle is mild (compared to when we left) but it still felt much colder.

The first thing we did when we got home was to buy a lot of fruits (remember, we were quite deprived of fresh fruits on the island – oh the abundance that we enjoy on the mainland US.)

As if it is not cold enough, I decided to hike Franklin Falls trail.  I have been seeing nice pictures of near frozen waterfall and decided that it is as good a day as any.

The trail was long – much longer than summer because the road to the park is closed and the hike started just after the freeway exit and the trail was very slippery – even treacherous at some location.  I fell about 8 times before the hike was over.  Don’t worry, I make sure the camera is fine 🙂


Home again to a Beautiful Sunrise


I didn’t see this building when we hiked this trail in summer


Mini Waterfall


Franklin Falls in Winter


From Roughly the same spot in August



The hike was nice while it lasted and I probably wouldn’t do it again.  It was very cold, I didn’t have the proper shoes and hiking stick.  I had to use the tripod a few times to prevent me going into a free slide. I also had a very short window (I started at 3 pm) – the entire hike took about three hours and only about 15 minutes to take pictures.  The sun was gone by the time I got back to my car.


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